• Ala Carte Party

    Ala Carte Party

    If your group can’t decide on a party package, try an A la carte party. The cost is $10 per person, plus the cost of what each person makes (See…

    From: $60.00
  • Butters & Scrubs

    Butters & Scrubs

    This package is for 6-12 people. Everyone will make their own custom, 8 oz. jar of body butter and an 8 oz. jar of sugar scrub.

    Cost: $30 per person.

    From: $180.00
  • Kids Party

    Kids Party

    This party package makes Birthday parties easy. It requires a minimum of 6 children and a maximum of 12. The kids will make hand and body lotion (everyone takes home…

    From: $150.00
  • The Essentials

    The Essentials

    This is a party package for 6 people. During your party everyone will make their own, custom, 8 oz. jar of sugar scrub and an 8 oz. jar of sugar…